Vehicle Air Conditioning Trainer - ATCL-01


Product Description:
The trainer adopts original auto air conditioning system and uses motor to simulate the engine drive the air conditioning system. It can really show the structure and working principle of the auto air conditioning system.

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Product Details

Training Program:
1. Student can do the connecting the pipe installation ,linking lines, filling referent ,supporting the air conditioning pipe, cable, disassembly tools, testing, filling the refrigerant supporting
tools and diagnosis.
2. Demonstration of the work principle and process of the auto air conditioning system
3. Measurement of the signals of the sensors and actuators by multimeter or oscilloscope
4. Practical exercise of vacuum pumping, refrigerant filling, refrigerant leak detection, etc
5. Fault set and troubleshooting

Technical Parameter:
1. Power supply: AC 220V/380V, 50Hz; DC12V
2. Refrigerant: R134a4.
3. Car model: Toyota SEDAN (manual)

Product Composition:
Mobile stand with test panel, Ignition switch, High/low pressure gauge, Air conditioning controller, Evaporator assembly, Air compressor, Expansion valve, Dryer, dry bottle, condenser assembly, cooling fan, A/C switch,blower switch, stack pluggable cable, supporting disassembly tools, bottle opener, ring, thermometer brake discs, Suction & Discharge pipe with fittings.
Power Source:
220~230V AC, 50Hz, 1 Phase

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