Electric rotating machines of POWER line are characterized by the same height and by the same diameter of shaft sticking out of both ends. Shafts are provided with joint for the coupling of a machine to any other machine of the same series without any mechanical tool. The feet of the machine of standardized measure enable to assemble the group of machines having to be tested, on the proper base. These machines of solid industrial construction also include a panel with silk-screen-printed schematic diagram showing the wiring diagram and the names of windings on standardized safety terminals. The rating plate is printed directly on the schematic diagram, for immediate reference.

Product Details

Power:1000 W
Voltage:230/400 V 50 Hz (*)
R.p.m.:2900 (*) (2 poles)
Form of construction:IM B3
Protection:IP 44
Dimensions:400 x 200 x 300 mm
Weight:22 kg
  • Delta-star connection
  • This unit also includes thermal protector
  • (*) other values of voltage, frequency and r.p.m. are available on demand
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