1.    General Refrigeration Trainer

2.    Absorption Refrigeration Trainer

3.    Domestic Refrigeration Trainer

4.    Industrial Refrigeration Trainer

5.    Ice Maker Trainer

6.    Freezing Trainer

7.    Trainer for Refrigeration Plants Components and Faults


Air Conditioning:

8.    General Air Conditioning Trainer

9.    Domestic Air Conditioning Trainer

10. Air Conditioning Trainer with Heat Pump

11. Automotive Air Conditioning Trainer

12. Domestic Air Conditioning Trainer with Inverter


Computerized Trainers:

13. Computerized General Refrigeration Trainer

14. Computerized Industrial Refrigeration Trainer

15. Computerized Trainer for Hermetic Compressor Testing

16. Computerized Air Conditioning Trainer


Compressed Air Thermodynamics:

17. Computerized Compressed Air Thermodynamic Cycle Trainer

18. Compressed Air Dehumidification Trainer

19. Refrigeration Bench with Compressed Air



20. Base Unit for Hot Water Production

21. Base Unit for Heat Distribution

22. Base Unit for Heating Elements

23. Test bench for Safety Systems etc.

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