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Hi-Tech Telecom Training System

Microwave and Antenna Training System:

1.    Microwave Experiment Kit

2.    Microwave Communication Trainers

3.    Antenna Training System

4.    Wave and Antenna Training System

Mobile Communication Trainers:

5.    Mobile Telecom Trainer

6.    Cellular Mobile Trainer

7.    WiMAX Communication Trainer

8.    Embedded Router Trainer

RFID Training System:

9.    RFID Trainer

10. RFID-EPC Global Trainer

11. RFID/USN Training System

12. RFID Logistic System

Bluetooth Telecom Training System:

13. Bluetooth Telecom Trainer

14. Wireless Embedded Training System

15. Bluetooth Embedded Headset Kit

16. Bluetooth Stereo Earset

Ubiquitous Home Network Training System:

17. Basic Home Network Trainer

18. Ubiquitous Home Network Trainer

19. Ubiquitous Home Network Demo System

Ubiquitous Sensor Control Trainers:

20. Zigbee Trainer

21. Ubiquitous Sensor Control Trainer

22. USN Trainer

23. Microprocessor Embedded Trainers


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