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Textile Testing Equipments

Fiber Testing Instruments

1. Electric Cotton Fineness Tester

2. Fiber Fineness Analysis System

3. Wool Fineness Meter

4. Fiber Blend Analyzer

5. Fibrograph

6. Ginning Machine

7. Fiber Specific Resistance Tester

8. Fiber Crimp Tester

9. Cotton Package Moisture Meter

10. Plastic Water Content Tester

11. Optical Cotton Maturity Tester

12. Trash Analyzer


Yarn Testing Equipment’s

1. Hand Reeling Twist Tester

2. Digital Reeling Twist Tester

3. Automatic Yarn Twisting Tester

4. Digital Crimp Tester

5. Hatra Course Length Tester

6. Yarn Friction Tester

7. Electronic Evenness Tester

8. Dry & Heat Shrinkage Tester

9. Pendulum Arm Dynamometer

10. Electronic Yarn Sample Winder

11. Wrap Reel Electronic

12. Yarn & Hairness Evenness Tester

13. Multi-function Yarn Humidity Meter

14. Electronic Yarn Count System

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